Con questo sito puoi prendere la patente in modo semplice, studiando ed esercitandoti con i quiz ufficiali del listato ministeriale più aggiornato.

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  • Manuale Patente

    To get your driving license A1, A, B, study and repeat the online driving license theory available It is written in simple language (it is also translated into Urdu especially for Urdu speakers) and contains all the useful concepts to answer the driving license quiz and to help you easily pass the theory exam.

  • Mushkil alfaaz k meaning

    We know how difficult it can be to get a driving license in a language other than your own, so we have created a small vocabulary / glossary with the words that are more difficult to translate into Italian in your language i.e Urdu. This page will be very useful for you insh'Allah, because to get the Italian driving license you can take the theory exam only in Italian.

  • Quiz per Argomento

    With Learning with Bushra you can get your driving license in a simple way, by studying and practicing with the ministerial quizzes. Try now to do the simulation of the driving license quiz exam

  • Tips & Tricks

    The words to remember because whenever they appear in quizzes, the answers are always true or always false!

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