Have real conversations with basic Italian sentences from day one

Basic Italian sentences

Basic Italian sentences

Once you start learning a few basic Italian sentences you will have the knowledge to start your first basic Italian conversation.

That’s why I put together popular Italian sentences that simulate real-life conversations to get you speaking Italian in no time.

Greetings in Italian: how to say hello?

These Italian phrases to learn are simple, easy to remember, and will go a long way to help you make friends and have your first basic conversations in the Italian language.

Italian اردوEnglish
Salve!ہیلو (دن کے کسی بھی وقت)۔Hello (any time of day)
Buongiornoصبح بخیرGood morning
Buonaseraشام بخیرGood evening
Buonanotteشب بخیرGoodnight
Grazie milleبہت بہت شکریہThank you very much
Mi chiamo…میرا نام ۔۔۔ ہےMy name is _
Sono pakistanoمیں پاکستانی (لڑکا) ہوں I’m pakistani
Sono pakistanaمیں پاکستانی (لڑکی) ہوںI’m pakistani
Piacereآپ سے مل کر خوشی ہوئیNice to meet you

Being polite is important also when you travel to Italy. And it doesn’t cost anything, it’s free!

Learn the following words and phrases to have a polite, basic conversation, and sound like a native.

Italian اردوEnglish
Noنہیں No
Per favoreبراہ کرم Please
Per piacereبرائے مہربانی Please
Per cortesiaبرائے مہربانی Please
Grazieشکریہ Thank you
Molte grazieبہت شکریہ Thank you very much
Prego!یہ لفظ شکریہ کے جواب میں اور کسی کا استقبال کرتے وقت استعمال ہوتا ہےYou’re welcome!
Mi scusiمعاف کیجئے Excuse me
Può ripetere, per cortesia?براہ کرم کیا آپ دوبارہ بول سکتے ہیں؟ Can you please repeat?

How to say hello and goodbye in Italian

Ciao — Hi and bye —ہائے” اور “بائے
Ciao can be used as both “hi” and as “bye”. It’s a very informal way of greeting, so if you want to greet a friend, you can use it Ciao.

But if you find yourself in a more formal situation, it’s always best to use some of the more “formalgreetings below.

Buongiorno — Hello, good morning — صبح بخیر
Possibly (but not necessarily) more formal then ciao, this is the standard greeting in the morning and afternoon.

Salve — Hello — آداب
Salve is a formal way of saying “hello.”

It’s not very common nowadays.

Buonasera — Hello and good evening — شام بخیر
You start hearing buonasera around 5 p.m. A presto — See you soon — جلد ملیں گے
When talking to someone that you think you’ll see again someday. A dopo — See you later — بعد میں ملیں گے
A dopo, by contrast, is something you can say to your friends if you have any intentions of seeing them later in the day (not on another day!) Arrivederci — Goodbye — الوداع
When you want to say goodbye in a more formal way, you can use the word arrivederci. Buona giornata — Have a good day — آپ کا دن اچھا گزرے
This looks like buongiorno, but you say it when parting. Buona serata — Have a good/nice evening — آپ کی شام اچھی گزرے
The equivalent of buona giornata in the evening.

Phrases to introduce yourself in Italian

How to introduce yourself in Italian?

If you’re just starting out with learning Italian, knowing how to introduce yourself is one of the best places to begin.

It gives you a taste of the grammar, allows you to start a conversation (even a short one!), and you can start practicing the pronunciation.

Here are some basic Italian sentences for introducing yourself.

Italian اردوEnglish
Come ti chiami?آپ کا نام کیا ہے؟What’s your name?
Mi chiamo…میرا نام ۔۔۔ ہے My name is…
Sono…میں ۔۔۔ ہوںI’m…
Sono pakistanoمیں پاکستانی (لڑکا) ہوںI’m pakistani
Sono pakistanaمیں پاکستانی (لڑکی) ہوںI’m pakistani
Piacereآپ سے مل کر خوشی ہوئیNice to meet you

Other questions you may be asked include asking about your hometown:

Italian اردوEnglish
Di dove sei?آپ کہاں سے ہیں؟Where are you from?
Sono pakistanoمیں پاکستانی (لڑکا) ہوںI’m pakistani
Sono pakistanaمیں پاکستانی (لڑکی) ہوںI’m pakistani

Learn Italian sentences to ask about people’s age:

Italian اردوEnglish
Quanti anni hai?آپ کتنے سال کے ہو؟How old are you?
Ho (ventidue) anni.میری عمر (بائیس) سال ہےI’m 22 years old

Finally, learn Italian sentences about people’s jobs:

Italian اردوEnglish
Che lavoro fai?آپ کیا کام کرتے ہیں؟What do you do for work?
Faccio (l’insegnante)میں ایک (استاد) ہوںI’m a (teacher)

اگر آپ کو یہ جاننا ہے کہ آپ کے کام کو اٹالین میں کیا کہتے ہیں تو یہاں کلک کریں

How to say I don’t understand in Italian: Italian sentences to know

You want to learn Italian sentences to communicate. However, as a beginner, there will be many moments when you get stuck and can’t understand what people are saying to you in Italian.

When this happens, don’t worry! It’s a perfectly normal part of the learning process and in time, you’ll begin to understand more and more of what you hear.

You just need to learn Italian sentences to show that you don’t understand.

Here are some Italian sentences to know to say… that you don’t know!

Italian اردو English
Mi scusi, non capiscoمعاف کیجئے گا ، مجھے سمجھ نہیں آرہی۔I don’t understand
Non parlo italiano molto beneمیں اٹالین اچھی طرح سے نہیں بولتا/بولتیI don’t speak Italian very well
Cosa vuole dire?اس کا کیا مطلب ہے؟What does that mean?
Parla inglese?کیا آپ انگلش بول سکتے ہیں؟Do you speak English?
Mi scusiمعاف کیجئے گا / مجھے افسوس ہے۔I’m sorry
Non lo soمیں نہیں جانتا – مجھے نہیں معلوم I don’t know
Va beneٹھیک ہے All right
Non importaاس سے کوئی فرق نہیں پڑتا – کوئی اعتراض نہیں Never mind

How to order at the restaurant in Italian: essential phrases

How to speak Italian at the restaurant?

Here are some helpful hints on how to pick a restaurant on your trip to Italy and how to navigate its menu with confidence (and pay the bill too!).

These are essential Italian phrases if you want to eat well in Italy!

Italian اردو English
Un tavolo per uno / due, per favoreبراہ کرم، ایک میز ایک/دو کے لئے A table for one / two, please
Mi scusi!سنئے گا! (ویٹر کو بلانے کے لئے)۔Excuse me! (Calling a waiter)
Cosa mi consiglia?آپ کس چیز کا مشورہ دیں گے؟What do you recommend?
Qual è la specialità della casa?آپ کی سب سے مشہور ڈش کون سی ہے؟What’s your most popular dish?
Cos’è questo?یہ کیا ہے؟What’s this?
Il conto, per favoreبل، برائے مہربانی The cheque, please
Potrei avere il menu, per favore?کیا مجھے مینو مل سکتا ہے؟ برائے مہربانی Can I have the menu, please?
Possiamo aspettare (per un tavolo)?کیا ہم (ایک میز کے لئے) انتظار کر سکتے ہیں؟Can we wait (for a table)?
Possiamo sederci qui?کیا ہم یہاں بیٹھ سکتے ہیں؟Can we sit here?

How to ask for directions in Italian: basic phrases

These basic Italian phrases will help you to buy tickets and find your destinations easily.

Italian اردوEnglish
Quanto dura il viaggio?سفر کتنا لمبا ہے؟How long does it take?
Dove devo andare adesso?اب میں کہاں جاؤں؟Where should I go now?
Quando parte?یہ کب روانہ ہوگی؟When does it leave?
Che ore sono (adesso)?ابھی کیا ٹائم ہو رہا ہے؟What time is it (now)?
Vorrei andare a …میں ۔۔۔ میلان جانا چاہتا ہوںI want to go to …
A che ora parte il prossimo treno/autobus per…?اگلی ٹرین / بس _ کے لئے کتنا وقت ہے؟What time is the next train/bus to _ ?
Quanto costa?یہ کتنے کا ہے؟How much is it?
Un bigliettoایک ٹکٹ1 ticket
Due bigliettiدو ٹکٹیں2 tickets
Questo treno/autobus ferma a _?کیا یہ ٹرین/بس ۔۔۔ رکتی ہے؟Does this train/bus stop in _?

Here are some of the basic Italian phrases for useful replies you might hear.

Italian اردوEnglish
Gira a destraدائیں مڑیںTurn right
Gira a sinistraبائیں مڑیںTurn left
È qua vicinoیہ قریب ہےIt’s close by
È davanti alla scuolaیہ اسکول کے سامنے ہےIt’s opposite the school
È dietro la stazioneیہ اسٹیشن کے پیچھے ہےIt’s behind the station
È sotto il ponteیہ پل کے نیچے ہےIt’s under the bridge
È a fianco alla chiesaیہ چرچ کے ساتھ ہےIt’s next to the church
È prima della stazione di servizioیہ گیس اسٹیشن سے پہلے ہےIt’s before the gas station
È dopo la gelateriaیہ آئس کریم پارلر کے بعد ہےIt’s after the ice cream parlor
Dov’è il bagno?باتھ روم/ ٹوائلٹ کہاں ہے؟Where is the bathroom / toilet?

These phrases might look obvious, but language learning has to start somewhere.

Learning basic Italian phrases like these can make your life easier.

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